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This is a section of TokyoD60 dedicated to you, where I post some articles about Japanese culture and habits I write for the Slowear Journal.

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August. While we’re all busy with our summer holidays and the Olympics, in Japan the matsurimonth has just begun. What’s matsuri, though?

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Fresh and energizing, matcha is the finest Japanese tea qualitiy. It comes in thin green powder put into tiny cans hermetically sealed to preserve the intense scent, and it must be kept in the freezer.

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Why are the Japanese so mad about cats? Not only do they worship and respect them, but they even see them as an icon of quietness and relax. To the point that cats have become their favourite coffee break mates.

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Ever heard of Omotesando road? It’s the street for top brands shopping and international design in Tokyo, as well as the place where you canfind the coolest Farmer’s Market in Japan.

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On March 11, 2011, the Great Earthquake hit the Miyagi prefecture in Japan. One year after, a huge book called  Arigato (“thank you”) and curated by Design Association NPO(hosting renowned Tokyo Designers Week)

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A virtuous example of a low-impact home as well as a pleasant meeting place. That’s Amekaze, an experimental architectural project conceived in Japan in 2011.

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“Hot springing water”: that’s the literal meaning of the word onsen, indicating the Japanese hot-spring, a pleasant experience nourishing the mind and the soul. As Japan is a volcanic region, hot water spills naturally out of the ground at 43°C.

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